Learn English

ALI offers several different courses for all levels of learners – from complete beginner to high advanced. A student may also choose to taken group classes, a private session or online tutorial. Both local and international students can benefit from our different programs and elective classes. All classes are taught with a communicative and dynamic approach, and most courses are taught all year around. Additionally, you can choose to learn part-time or full-time-the choice is yours.

Yuki Taniyama, Tóquio, Japão

« I’m enjoying my school and my homestay. I like my teachers, my foreigner friends, everybody is so kind to me. ALI is located in downtown, so I can go sightseeing everywhere. I love this school and Montreal. »

Yuki Taniyama, Tóquio, Japão

General Programs

ALI offers three different immersion programs to choose from: Regular, Intensive, and Super-Intensive.

Youth Programs

Engage in fun and adventure while learning with the Youth Programs offered by ALI.

Emploi Quebec Language Training

There are financed Emploi-Québec courses

Exam and certificate preparation

You want to study or work abroad in another language? ALI can help!